Aaron Friend - Safety.jpg

Aaron Friend

Safety Coordinator

  • Title:  Safety Coordinator

  • Contact me regarding…  Safety Concerns or Anything I can do to help!

  • Hometown?  Hercules, CA

  • Favorite Sports Teams?   RAAAAIIIIIDDDDEEERRRRSSS!

  • Favorite way to spend a Saturday?  Off Roading (safely)

  • Favorite Musician or Band?  George Strait

  • Who inspires you?  My Dad

  • Favorite quote?  Safety isn’t expensive, It’s priceless.

  • What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? The team work, if we need a solution, everyone from the top down rolls up their sleeves and gets to work.

Jason Luedtke.jpg

Jason Luedtke 

Safety Coordinator

  • Contact me regarding…New business opportunities

  • Hometown?  Cut Bank, Montana

  • Favorite way to spend a Saturday?  Biking, rafting, hiking with my dog and family, just being outdoors

  • Guilty Pleasure?  SpaghettiOs w/ Meatballs

  • Favorite Musician or Band?  Black Keys/Dead Weather and the like

  • Favorite Quote?  “We can't stop here, this is bat country!” ― Hunter S. Thompson

  • Dream Vacation?  New Zealand/Australia/South Africa on my way to Sweden via Japan

  • Celebrity Crush?  Alison Mosshart (Who? That’s right, let’s keep it that way)

  • Contact Jason

  • Phone: 208.402.0668

  • Email: jluedtke@zorocopackaging.com


Kira Stark


Contact me regarding…Product specifications and regulatory coordination

Hometown?  Colusa, CA

Favorite Sports Teams?  San Francisco Giants

Dream Vacation? Alaskan Cruise

Favorite way to spend a Saturday?  Drive with my husband

Guilty pleasure?  Watching HGTV

Favorite Musician or Band?  Bon Jovi

Who inspires you?  My family

Celebrity crush? Chris Hemsworth

Favorite quote?  Hit the ball over the fence and you can take your time going around the bases.

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? My Quality team

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