Inspection + Recovery


ZoRoCo Packaging, Your X Factor

Foreign Material Inspection & Recovery Services to help food companies minimize risk and prevent expensive recalls and lawsuits.

  • Offering X-Ray Inspection, Metal Detection, Check Weighers, and/or Manual Inspection Services​

  • Trained personal overseeing full inspection process

  • Confidential documentation that can be adapted to suit your own internal quality procedures

  • Relabeling &/or Repacking Services available

  • Reuse of original packaging when possible

  • Fast reliable turnaround

  • Temperature controlled environment during inspection

  • Cold storage capacity

The Details

X-ray System.JPG

Material Detection Sensitivity

  • 1mm diameter for Metals & Aluminums

  • 3mm diameter for dense contaminates such as Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Rubber, Plastic

  • Packaging types: paper, poly, trays, case boxes, and more.

  • ​Large aperture, 500mm (19.7”) product width and 250mm (9.8”) product height ~ with no blind spots.

Material Detection

What food processors should know:
Metal Detection vs. X-ray Inspection

Keeping pace with a shift in regulatory focus 
Consumer safety has always been a primary concern for food processors. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) has been a methology recommended by the FDA since the 1950s and food producers have always been conscious of their brand’s protection. The recent enactment of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has turned the intensity up even higher.

With significant food safety costs and penalties, processors will be relying more than ever before on the latest quality control methodologies and equipment to keep the food supply safe. Read more...

Detection Details
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