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Business Team

 Our Corporate Team 

Cordy Rost

Meet Cordy

Contact me regarding? Fun stuff to talk about


Hometown?  Nampa, Idaho


Favorite Sports Teams?  Liverpool FC


Dream Vacation? Anything that involves my family and the outdoors


Who inspires you?  The folks that are trying each day to better themselves


Celebrity crush? Gal Gadot


What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? All the People

Cordy Rost

Sharone Story

Meet Sharone


Contact me regarding…   Growth Strategies


Hometown?  Santa Barbara, CA


Dream Vacations? Croatia, Australia, and New Zealand


Favorite Musicians or Bands? Led Zeppelin, Ray LaMontagne, Alicia Keys, Al Green…


Who inspires you?  Authentic, compassionate, brave, bold, progressive leaders


Celebrity crush? Brad Pitt & Ryan Gosling


What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? The entrepreneurial approach to growth, and seeing brands we support thrive.

Sharone Story
Managing Director,
Sales & Marketing
Luis F Senior HR Manager

Meet Luis


Contact me regarding: Any HR Questions, Employee Relations, Benefits, and Payroll.

Hometown?  Maracay, Venezuela.

Dream Vacation?  2 weeks in Aruba

Favorite way to spend a Saturday?  With my Family.

Guilty pleasure?  Cinnabon

Celebrity crush? Gemma Chan

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? The People and how willing they are to offer the best of themselves.

Luis Fernandez
Sr Human Resource Manager

ZoRoCo Logo(Green&Foil)

Meet Cole


Contact me regarding: Accounting and Invoicing

Hometown: Nampa, ID

Favorite Sports Teams: All the UW and Seattle teams! Sko Dawgs!

Favorite Musician or Band: Gorillaz

Who inspires you: My family and their drive to achieve

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo: The opportunity to learn from and work with amazing individuals

Cole Rost
Accounting Specialist

Jeff Koehler

Meet Jeff


Contact me regarding…  Accounting and Payroll


Hometown?  Boise, ID


Guilty pleasure?  Cookies/ice-cream/sweets


Who inspires you?  Warren Buffett

Jeff Koehler

Jeff Floyd

Meet Jeff


Hometown?  Pocatello, Idaho

Favorite Sports Team?  Denver Broncos

Favorite Musician or Band?  Tesla

Who inspires you?  Wounded Warriors

Dream Vacation?  Helicopter skiing in Alaska

Celebrity Crush?  Lindsey Vonn​​

What you like most about working at ZoRoCo Packaging?  Having the owners working side by side with you every day to help you be as successful as you can be.

Jeff Floyd
VP Client Relations

Ivan Sanchez

Meet Ivan


Contact me regarding…Anything and everything Safety.  Truly anything to be honest


Hometown?  Americas Finest City-San Diego


Favorite Sports Teams?  San Diego Padres, San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Lakers


Dream Vacation? Europe vacation that includes driving the autobahn at top speeds


Favorite Musician or Band?  Eminem & Lana Del Rey

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? The people and the opportunity to make a difference

Ivan Sanchez
Safety Manager

Dianne Groth

Meet Diane


Contact me regarding…Accounts Payables & Receivables


Hometown?  Roseville, California


Dream Vacation?  Cancun or Islamorada Island in the Keys


Favorite Musician or Band?  I have so many it is hard to choose just one. 


Favorite quote?  May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right. – Peter Marshall

Dianne Groth
Accounting Specialist

Chris team member

Meet Chris


Contact me regarding…   Operations


​Hometown?  Blackfoot, ID


Favorite Sports Teams?  Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Falcons


Dream Vacation?  Bora Bora


Favorite Musician or Band?  Billy Joel


Who inspires you?  My Children


Celebrity crush? Natalie Zea


What I like most about working at ZoRoCo?  The culture of innovation and performance

Chris Barker
Director of Operations
Frozen Plant Manager
Jason Leudtke

Meet Jason


Contact me regarding…  New business opportunities

Hometown?  Cut Bank, Montana

Guilty Pleasure?  SpaghettiOs w/ Meatballs

Favorite Musician or Band?  Black Keys/Dead Weather and the like

Dream Vacation?  New Zealand/Australia/South Africa on my way to Sweden via Japan

Celebrity Crush?  Alison Mosshart (Who? That’s right, let’s keep it that way)

Jason Luedtke
Director of Business Development

Marisol Cervantes

Meet Marisol

Contact me regarding… Training processes, documentation and development


Hometown?  Boise, ID


Dream Vacation? Going to different countries in  Europe


Favorite Musician or Band?  My favorite musicians to listen too are Adele and Sam Smith


Who inspires you?  I wouldn’t say WHO inspires me, but WHAT inspires me. I enjoy helping and supporting my community.


Celebrity crush? I would have to say it is a toss-up between Gal Gadot and Adam Lambert.

Marisol Cervantes
Training Manager

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