Frozen Plant Team

Chris Barker
Director of Operations
Isabel Davila
HR Manager
Craig Bell
Jeff Floyd
VP of Sales
Chantel Crane
Supply Chain
Kira Stark
Crystal Garcia
QA Manager
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Free-From Plant Team

Cordy Rost
Kaylee Jack
Supply Chain Coordinator
Ricardo Alvarado
Shipping Manager
Jason Luedtke
Director Business Development
Sharon Hansen
Supply Chain Manager
Chris Bishop
Specification Coordinator
Lucia Quadros
QA Manager
Dan Disney
Supply Chain
Sue Ridgeway
Warehouse Manager
Eric Peart
HR Manager

Support Team

Jeff Koehler
Jennifer Reynolds
Sharone Story
Sales & Marketing
Aaron Friend
Safety Coordinator
Marisol Cervantes
Training Coordinator
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Your co-manufacturing and co-packaging partner with expert attention to detail, and exemplary quality & production standards.  Please contact ZoRoCo Packaging to learn more.

ZoRoCo Free-From Plant
14702 Karcher Road 

Caldwell, Idaho 83607

ZoRoCo Frozen Plant
20148 Monte Way 

Caldwell, ID 83607 ​

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