Frozen Production & Packaging 

Our frozen plant is a 58,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art temperature controlled facility build in 2012, and expanded in 2019.  We offer full-service precision packaging, custom branded to exact label and recipe specifications. 


Specializing in customized IQF vegetable and/or fruit projects, we offer Vertical Form and Fill (VFF), Shrink Wrapping and Carton Production, Enrobing, Blending, Chopping,


Dicing, Bulk Pack, Case Transfer, Re-Labeling, and Sorting/Grading.  For specialty projects, ask about our dedicated temperature controlled Ready-To-Eat (RTE) room. 


Each line offers metal detection, weight check, robust case & bag coding options, along with 100% human inspection for seals and codes.  We even offer advanced X-ray, Inspection and Recovery Services.


Grade AA Facility​

OU Kosher Certified

USDA Organic

Certified by ISDA

​Pre-Approved for Costco

Poly Line Capabilities

  • Bosch Vertical Form and Fill Bagger with two-stage dump, three level shaker-grader and a 14 bucket scale for weighing 4-ounce to 6-pound units

  • Fill Laminated, Kraft, Gusseted and/or Steamable Bags

  • Ability to insert sauce packets

Shrink Wrap Line Capabilities 

  • Shanklin Omni S Form-Fill/Over Wrap machine with an Eastey heat tunnel that can pack all sizes of products

  • Pack product from totes or cases

  • 100% hand packing for maximum yield

Spray Dynamics Enrober 2.jpg

Enrobing, Blending and More

  • Oil Blending and Emulsification Line with Filling Capabilities

  • Urschel Diversacut 2110 Dicer

  • Multi-level Shaker / Grader

  • Tray Packing

  • Bulk Packaging 10lbs to 50lbs​

  • Club Pack / Varity Pack / Bag in a Bag Pack

  • Micro Analysis

  • Order Fulfillment with Cross Docking

  • CHEP Pallet Vendor

  • EDI

  • Customer ERP Portal Access

  • Inventory Control & Reporting

Think of ZoRoCo Packaging as a one-stop-shop for cold storage in Idaho and the Northwest. With 2,100 customized temperature-controlled pallets, we store your raw material before packaging, then safeguard the final product before shipment. Our refrigerated dock eliminates the risk of temperature fluctuations, protecting your product until the minute it leaves our warehouses.