Founded & Fueled by the 

Spirit of Family

About Us

ZoRoCo Packaging is the transparency and service leader for Contract Manufacturing and Co-Packaging within the food industry.  Marketing none of its own brands, ZoRoCo focuses on the BUILD so our clients can focus on their priorities: driving sales and growing their company.

The ZoRoCo Frozen Plant services the IQF sector offering a variety of packaging options and value-add services, including cold storage.  The ZoRoCo Free-From Plant is subdivided into 2 Production Areas.  The WHITE Zone is dedicated Big 9 Allergen-Free, as outlined by the USDA.  The GRAY Zone is our Gluten-Free  Area, designed to process limited allergens outside the Big 9, including soy, dairy and some tree nuts. 

Our entire Free-From Plant is Gluten-Free & Peanut-Free and offers MANY production and packaging capabilities.

Despite the sector or style of packaging, ZoRoCo prides itself on communication and developing solutions for its wide ranging family of clients. 

At ZoRoCo the principal owners run operations and are in the daily battle.  Companywide ZoRoCo takes a hands on approach. We don’t have titles on our cards because from manager to new hire, we all jump in to help with a unified sense of passion for serving our client’s needs.  We offer our clients 100% transparency via an Online Portal.  We understand the value of partnerships and relationships.  We understand that we succeed only when our clients succeed. 

Our Story

Rost Family

Founded and fueled by the spirit of family, ZoRoCo Packaging offers experience, passion, and integrity.  It all began when Cordy and Kim Rost were tired of the clamor of Southern California living and wanted to raise their growing family in Cordy’s native Idaho.  Cordy had always dreamed of owning his own business.  He had gained invaluable experience in corporate finance and was well positioned to start shopping for opportunities. 

Not one to be left too far from his grandchildren, Kim’s father Marc Ikebasu, a successful Executive in his own right, soon followed the family north.  Cordy and Marc quickly identified an available small frozen food packaging business called IdaCold.  In 2007 they took the leap and a vision was born.

With Cordy and Marc’s energy and experience IdaCold grew stronger and larger.  After 4 years they were bursting at the seams of their shared facility and needed to expand.  Already in discussions to merge with a colleague of a dry allergen-free packaging company called AFI Packaging, they took yet another leap of faith and broke ground on their own facility next door to the AFI location.  In 2012 the new frozen facility was complete, the merger with AFI was inked. 

ZoRoCo Packaging continues to grow and thrive in Southwest Idaho.  Cordy and Kim are proud Alumni of USC and will likely be unavailable most game day’s each fall ~ Go Trojans!  

Your co-manufacturing and co-packaging partner with expert attention to detail, and exemplary quality & production standards.  Please contact ZoRoCo Packaging to learn more.