Free-From Production & Packaging 

Specializing in Gluten-Free & Allergen-Free ​Co-Packing and Co-Manufacturing

The ZoRoCo Free-From Plant is subdivided into two Production Areas.


The WHITE Zone is dedicated Big 9 Allergen-Free, as outlined by the USDA.  It is Free-From:  dairy, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soy, sesame, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. 


The GRAY Zone is our dedicated Gluten-Free Area, designed to process limited allergens outside the Big 9, including soy, dairy and some tree nuts.  Our entire Free-From Plant is Gluten-Free & Peanut-Free and offers MANY production and packaging capabilities.
General Machine, Packaging and Production Services are available in both dedicated White & Gray Production Areas.

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USDA Organic

Certified by ISDA


Allergen-Free Facility

OU Kosher Certified

​Pre-Approved for Costco

Universally Allergen

Compatible and Secure

Two Isolated, Independently Operating Zones allow processing of any

Non-Gluten/Non-peanut products NEVER GLUTEN - NEVER PEANUTS.

Allergen Free WHITE Zone

  • Dedicated Big 9 Allergen Free as outlined by USDA

  • Committed raw ingredient docks and storage

  • No shared HVAC

  • No shared FOOD CONTACT Equipment

  • Committed Employee pathways and HACCP gear/attire/equipment/utensils/  

Allergen Friendly GRAY Zone  

  • Accepting of Big 9 allergens including limited tree nuts and coconuts

  • Committed raw ingredient docks and storage

  • Contained and Protected by hard walls and doorway within facilty superstructure

  • No shared HVAC

  • Unique ingress and egress for employess and product

  • Committed Employee pathways and HACCP gear/attire/equipment/utensils/

Your co-manufacturing and co-packaging partner with expert attention to detail, and exemplary quality & production standards.  Please contact ZoRoCo Packaging to learn more.