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Thermo Fisher

ZoRoCo Packaging's Advanced Food Inspection and Recovery Services

Foreign Material Inspection & Recovery Services to help food companies minimize risk and prevent expensive recalls and lawsuits.

The Details:

  • Offering X-Ray Inspection, Metal Detection, Check Weighers, and/or Manual Inspection Services​

  • Trained personal overseeing full inspection process

  • Confidential documentation that can be adapted to suit your own internal quality procedures

  • Relabeling &/or Repacking Services available

  • Reuse of original packaging when possible

  • Fast reliable turnaround

  • Temperature controlled environment during inspection

  • Cold storage capacity

Material Detection Sensitivity

  • 1mm diameter for Metals & Aluminums

  • 3mm diameter for dense contaminates such as Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Rubber, Plastic

  • Packaging types: paper, poly, trays, case boxes, and more.

  • ​Large aperture, 500mm (19.7”) product width and 250mm (9.8”) product height ~ with no blind spots.

Material Detection Sensitivity
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