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The Pioneers Behind Our Frozen Food Success

Michael Olivera

Meet Mike...

Contact me regarding…  All things production, warehouse, inventory, and day-to-day operations

Hometown?  Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Sports Teams?  Yankees

Favorite way to spend a Saturday?  Gym, Food, and Sleep

Guilty pleasure?  Cheesecake

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? Fellow Employees

Mike Olivera
Manufacturing Manager
Craig Bell - Logistics Coordinator

Meet Craig...

Contact me regarding…Scheduling for Frozen

Hometown?  Kuna, ID

Favorite Sports Teams? Dallas Cowboys 

Dream Vacation?  Trip to Switzerland


Who inspires you? My Family

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? I get to work with a lot of great people and enjoy the fast pace of it all.

Craig Bell
Logistics Coordinator

Crystal Garcia - QA Manager

Meet Crystal...

Contact me regarding…Quality and Manufacturing

Hometown?   Orosi, CA

Favorite Sports Teams?  Green Bay Packers

Dream Vacation? Tahiti

Who inspires you?  My family

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? The people!  Being surrounded by people you enjoy interacting with and make you a better person definitely makes the hard days that much easier

Crystal Garcia
Senior QA Manager

Makendrick Norman - Specification Frozen

Meet Makendrick...

Contact me regarding: Quality, Supplies for frozen plant, and Specification questions or updates.

Hometown?  Pocatello, Idaho

Dream Vacation?  A trip to Scotland

Favorite Way to Spend a Saturday?  Fishing or swimming at a lake or beach

Favorite Musician or Band?  Linkin Park and Alan Walker

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo?  The wonderful environment and positivity my co-workers have.

Makendrick Norman
Frozen Specifications
Chantell Crane - Supply Chain Coordinator

Meet Chantel...

Contact me regarding…Sourcing and Supply Chain

Hometown?  Mountain Home Idaho

Favorite Sports Teams?  Boise State Broncos

Favorite Musician or Band?  Aerosmith

Who inspires you? Any person who can teach me something new

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? ZoRoCo cares about each and every team member

Chantel Crane
Supply Chain Coordinator

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