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Our Allergen-Free Plant's Leadership: Committed to Excellence

Mike Anderson - Manufacturing Manager

Meet Mike...Title:  Manufacturing Manager (Cookie King)

Contact me regarding…  Process excellence of high-quality Allergen-Free baked items

Hometown?  Oakley, Idaho

Favorite Sports Teams?  Green Bay Packers (Go Pack Go)

Favorite Musician or Band?  Classic Rock Pandora Play List

Who inspires you? My Wife.  Anyone who can put up with me for so long should inspire everyone.

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? Great group of peers, employees, and the Rost Family.

Mike Anderson
Manufacturing Manager
Pamela Aguilar - FF Plant QA Supervisor_

Meet Pamela...


Contact me regarding… any quality related questions or concerns.

Hometown?  Fruitland, ID

Dream Vacation? Traveling around Europe

Favorite way to spend a Saturday?  Spending quality time with family

Guilty pleasure?  Chocolate

Favorite Musician or Band?  I love books.

Who inspires you? My family

Favorite quote? “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? I like the people and the company’s core values.

Pamela Aguilar
QA Supervisor
Dan Disney - Supply Chain Coordinator

Meet Dan...

Contact me regarding…Sourcing and Supply Chain

Hometown?  Kailua, Hi

Dream Vacation? A long vacation to tropical latitudes with a sandy beach and waves.

Guilty pleasure?  Roasting tires.

Who inspires you? My wife, her patience with me is amazing!

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? My boss(s), my short commute, my corner office- the list is endless.

Dan Disney
Supply Chain Coordinator

Cole Rost - FF Plant

Meet Cole - 

Contact me regarding: Accounting and Invoicing

Hometown: Nampa, ID

Favorite Sports Teams: All the UW and Seattle teams! Sko Dawgs!

Favorite Musician or Band: Gorillaz

Who inspires you: My family and their drive to achieve

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo: The opportunity to learn from and work with amazing individuals

Cole Rost
Accounting Specialist
Kira Stark - Specification Coordinator

Meet Kira...

Contact me regarding…Product specifications and regulatory coordination

Hometown?  Colusa, CA

Favorite Sports Teams?  San Francisco Giants

Dream Vacation? Alaskan Cruise

Favorite Musician or Band?  Bon Jovi

Who inspires you?  My family

Celebrity crush? Chris Hemsworth

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? My Quality team

Kira Stark
Specification Coordinator
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