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Our Gluten-Free Team


Meet Chris...

Contact me regarding…Operations

​Hometown?  Blackfoot, ID

Favorite Sports Teams?  Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Falcons

Dream Vacation?  Bora Bora

Favorite Musician or Band?  Billy Joel

Who inspires you?  My Children

Celebrity crush? Natalie Zea

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo?  The culture of innovation and performance

Chris Barker
Director of Operations
Plant Manager

second pic - Isabel_edited.png

Meet Isabel...

Contact me regarding…Jobs!  Employee relations, benefits, referrals.


Hometown?  Payette, ID


Favorite Sports Teams?  Boise State (Football) Golden State Warriors


Dream Vacation?  Ocean, sand, sun, palm trees…..? Yes, please.


Who inspires you?  My parents


What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? I enjoy working in a family like atmosphere with likeminded people with similar goals for the company.

Isabel Davila
HR Manager

Kira Stark_edited.png

Meet Kira...

Contact me regarding…Product specifications and regulatory coordination

Hometown?  Colusa, CA

Favorite Sports Teams?  San Francisco Giants

Dream Vacation? Alaskan Cruise

Favorite Musician or Band?  Bon Jovi

Who inspires you?  My family

Celebrity crush? Chris Hemsworth

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? My Quality team

Kira Stark
Specification Coordinator
Michael Olivera_edited.png

Meet Mike...

Contact me regarding…  All things production, warehouse, inventory, and day-to-day operations

Hometown?  Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Sports Teams?  Yankees

Favorite way to spend a Saturday?  Gym, Food, and Sleep

Guilty pleasure?  Cheesecake

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? Fellow Employees

Mike Olivera
Manufacturing Manager

Rafael Luis (2)_edited.png

Meet Rafael...

Contact me regarding… Supply Chain and Customer Service


Hometown?  Payette, Idaho


Favorite Sports Teams?  Arsenal Football Club


Dream Vacation? A Train ride through Europe


Favorite Musician or Band?  Quinn XCII


Who inspires you? My wife and my mom


What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? Close knit family environment

Rafael Luis
Supply Chain Coordinator

Dianna Hart_edited.png

Meet Diana...

Contact me regarding… Quality Questions or Concerns

Hometown?  Wilder, ID

Dream Vacation? Hawaii

Favorite way to spend a Saturday? Anything with my family

Favorite Musician or Band?  Dolly Parton old country

Who inspires you? My mom

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? The people I worked with

Diana Hart
QA Manager

Ronin Rost_edited.png

Meet Ronin...

Contact me regarding… All things service, support or supply chain related

Hometown?  Nampa, ID

Favorite Sports Team?  USC Football

Who inspires you? My Dad

Favorite Quote:  I’d rather be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war

What I like most about working at ZoRoCo? My ability to grow & pursue my own interests through my career

Ronin Rost
Customer Service Coordinator

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