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ZoRoCo Frozen Plant Services

At ZoRoCo, we take pride in our state-of-the-art Frozen Plant, dedicated to delivering precision in the packaging and manufacturing of frozen foods. Our facility, recognized for its GFSI BRC A+ rating, is meticulously designed to process IQF veggies, fruits, and plant-based products with the utmost care and efficiency. Here's why we are the trusted partner for frozen food contract manufacturing:

Temperature-Controlled Excellence

GFSI BRC AA Rated Frozen Plant

Our facility is certified by GFSI BRC A+, ensuring compliance with stringent food safety and quality standards. With a peanut-free environment, we prioritize safety and allergen control in every aspect of our operations.

Expanded Facility

In 2019 ZoRoCo expanded our High-Care Ready-to-Eat temp controlled rooms by 20K square feet. These spaces offer insulated metal panels (IMP), coated flooring, full wash down capability ceiling to floor, HVAC systems set-up for High Care exchanges, specialty High Care GMP entrance, and High Care food safety GFSI quality processes.


Vertical Form Fill & Seal Bags (VFF)

  • Retail and Foodservice Sizes: 4oz to 6lb bags

  • Versatile Materials: Laminated, Kraft, Gusseted, and Steamable Bags

  • Insert Sauce Packets: Enhancing convenience and flavor options

Frozen Production Services


Plant-Based Innovations

  • Vegan Emulsion Butter Spreads & Sticks

  • Vegan Cheese

  • Plant-Based Innovations: 
    Ambient or Temp-Controlled

frozen packaging

Blending & Enrobing


Chopping or Dicing

  • Enrobing of Oils & Spices

  • Ready-to-Cook 4-way+

  • Blending

  • Ready-to-Eat Batch Blending

Cold Storage
Facility Excellence

Our Cold Storage Facility offers:

  • 4,500 Custom Temperature-Controlled Pallet Positions

  • USDA-Approved Facility

  • Container Loading, Cross Docking, Export Documentation, and Slip Sheeting

  • Refrigerated Dock: Ensuring temperature stability until shipment

  • Order Fulfillment Services: Streamlining logistics and distribution processes

fulfillment center

Why Choose ZoRoCo for Allergen-Free Manufacturing?

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Entrepreneurial Mentality

We tackle each project with an entrepreneurial spirit, constantly seeking innovative solutions to fulfill our partners' distinct requirements. Our industry-leading flexibility and creative approach set us apart, guaranteeing consistently outstanding outcomes.

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Precision Execution

Precision is ingrained in every facet of our operations at ZoRoCo. From batching and blending to packaging, we adhere strictly to the highest standards of accuracy and consistency, ensuring top-tier quality frozen products with every batch.

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Transparent Partnership

We firmly believe in forging transparent partnerships founded on trust and open communication. Our clients enjoy live access to production, inventory, shipping, and receiving data, fostering a collaborative environment where success is mutually shared.

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Industry Certification & Claims Management

As a relied-upon figure in contract manufacturing, we prioritize industry certifications and meticulous claims management to safeguard our partners' intellectual properties and maintain the integrity of their brands. You can count on us to uphold the utmost standards of quality and safety.

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Economic & Capacity Scalability

Our Frozen Plant boasts economic and capacity scalability, empowering our partners to expand their operations without any limitations. We grow in tandem with our clients, ensuring that our resources are always aligned with their evolving needs.

Trust ZoRoCo for Your Frozen Food Manufacturing Needs

With precision as our guiding principle, ZoRoCo is your trusted partner for frozen food contract manufacturing. From innovative plant-based creations to meticulous packaging solutions, we deliver excellence in every aspect of our operations. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your frozen food offerings and exceed your expectations.

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