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Packaging Capabilities

The ZoRoCo Free-From Plant is subdivided into 2 FDA Registered Production Areas. 


  • The WHITE Zone is dedicated Big 8 Allergen-Free, as outlined by the USDA.  It is Free-From:  dairy, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soy, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. 

  • The GRAY Zone is our dedicated Gluten-Free Area, designed to process limited allergens outside the Big 8, including soy, dairy and some tree nuts. 

Our entire Free-From Plant is Gluten-Free & Peanut-Free and offers MANY production and packaging capabilities. General Machine, Packaging and Production Services are available in both dedicated White & Gray Production Areas.

Vertical Form Fill and Seal  

Vertical Form Fill and Seal

Our primary production capacity; mostly working on Gluten-Free ‘Bag in a Box’ style products

  • Bag ranges from 1oz to 5lbs 

  • Ability to do smaller fin-seal pouches; such as, oatmeal pouches, snack foods, spice packets, or components for meal kits

  • Wide range of potential carton sizing supporting single bag or multiple pouches per carton 

Stand-Up or Side Gusseted Pouches

Stand-Up or Side Gusseted Pouches

Blended and ingredient fill pre-formed stand-up pouches (SUPs)

  • Baking mixes, granola, seeds, lentils, ancient grains…

  • Pouches can be filled using augers for powder products or volumetric fillers for grains, seeds or even cluster type products 

  • Pouches range from 4oz – 25lbs

Cup Packaging

Cup Packaging

Very fast & efficient machine that produces induction-film sealed cups 
Can support multiple “dumps” or fill stages for different ingredient components  


  • 1st dump may be a powder mix of flavorings or spices; 2nd dump may be a particulate such as oats, dried fruits, rice, beans, dehydrated vegetables…

  • Paper/Microwavable/Plastic cups; 12 - 17.5 fluid ounces

  • Plain or registered film sealing + lids


Dry blending services for retail packaging, food service packaging, and bulk super sacks or totes.

  • Multiple double-ribbon blenders to best support industrial GF baking/batter blending in high volumes

  • Small Batch tumble blending for more delicate or complicated products

  • Batch capacities from 1K-6K pounds

  • Powders, Particulates, and Combinations      

Bulk/Food Service

ZoRoCo Packaging can make any of its retail size products into bulk/food service ready units.

  • ​25# re-sealable bags to 50# Kraft Bags to Super Saks & totes.

  • FS packs to support private label opportunities supplying restaurants/commercial bakeries and institutional sales into schools, universities, prisons, cruise ships...  

Your co-manufacturing and co-packaging partner with expert attention to detail, and exemplary quality & production standards.  Please contact ZoRoCo Packaging to learn more.
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